TL,DR: Average 30yo guy creates blog to talk about his kids and his child rearing antics.

I’m a 30 year old guy living in Singapore holding a pretty average 8-5 job. I’m an engineer who is passionate about gaming, technology, DIY, tinkering, photography, entertainment, entrepreneurship, psychology and most of all, my kids.

I went through the usual / average (or rather,it seemed to me to be usual / average) life route that the majority of the Singaporean population had to go through.Studied hard for the first 19 years of my life, learning ABCs at a young age, getting ABCs and Ds somewhat later, before heading into Pulau Tekong serve National Service. Went through Basic Military Training followed by SISPEC in Tekong (yes, i’m that old) before becoming a 3rd Sergeant in an Armoured Regiment. Mygrades were good enough to carry me into the National University of Singapore and my studious (or filial) tendencies allowed me to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Got a job, got another job. Found the one, got married.

Methinks, based on that description, iwould consider myself as a pretty average guy living here in Singapore.




Well, that’s where the similarities end. I have 2 (going to be 3 in Dec 2016) kids in Singapore at the age of 30. Singapore is known for being a country where work/life comes first before kids, 2010 census data shows that “the proportion of singles among the resident population rose from 30% in 2000 to 32% in 2010”, 75% of males are single during the age of 25 to 29 and, if you consider my missus’ age of 29, only 3.5% of her peers have 3 children. Granted that this data is from 2010 and that’s 6 years ago, but word on the street (or at least in my opinion as an untrained statistician / data-miner) is that this trend is here to stay.

I love kids. To me, they are a reflection of yourself, they learn, mimic and cause you great embarassment and pain and suffering. Yet, they are my world.

So enough about me, so why this blog?

Well, when Daner (my firstborn, see Exhibit A) was born, i realised that i did not know jack about bringing up kids or even how to hold my baby properly. My parents did not teach me how to be a parent, they only taught me how to be a child, how to score aces in exams and how to eat without your elbows on the table. Of course, they were good parents who provided all the support that one needs to succeed in life and for that, i do love them very much (i apologise that i don’t show it too often). And I don’t blame them for not teaching me to be a parent, it’s not something that can be taught.

So,it was then i realised (ok ok, 2 and a half years of procrastination) that i should note down pointers, tips, hacks and general information that i learnt through this child rearing journey. Hopefully i can provide some insights to the mind of my younglings and guide young parents of Singapore to have more courteous, mindful kids for the betterment of society (how noble of me eh?).

How do i intend to do what i just mentioned?

I plan to journal random musings, rants, inspiration, experiments and other crazy ideas i have in this blog. I also hope to use this blog to document my other parts of my life, to show that a life can still be had by an average joe with a 8-5 job, mondays to fridays with 3 kids and loads of responsibilities.

So what can the reader (note: this is you) do to help or participate in this discussion?

I hope i gain enough traction (that’s where you come in, help spread the word!) first and foremost so that the blog becomes visible, and information shared here really benefits the readers. So, if you guys have any cool ideas for experiments, reads or just general tips, feel free to drop me a message and we can chat about it.


 So let’s have an exciting journey together!

Author: 3under3point3

30 year old engineer slowly going insane due to his 2(going 3) kids under 3 years old.

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